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Portal 2 ARG: Cogs

So the internet has been taken by storm by Valve’s Alternate Reality Game for Portal 2. Starting on April Fool’s Day with the creation of the Potato Sack—a pack of 13 indie games all given mysterious updates related to the … Continue reading

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Rainbow Sorting

One of the functions on Dragon Cave is the ability to sort one’s dragons in rainbow order. Rather than manually determine the order of the images, I wrote some code that takes the images and sorts them. It makes sense … Continue reading

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Dropbox Installer

Dropbox is a tool that allows users to sync files between multiple computers (and “Dropbox’s Secure Servers”). There are clients for Windows, OS X, and Linux, although the Linux client only really supports GNOME; the official packages provide a modified … Continue reading

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SDL Grid Test

Windows Binaries This program is a demo of grid mechanics similar to the background grid in Geometry Wars. As the mouse moves over the grid, it “pushes” the nodes of the grid downward. However, each node is linked to the … Continue reading

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PHP: uniqid() speed test

There have been several comments in the notes of the manual page about uniqid() being very slow. I set off to see for myself if this were true, using several combinations of input. I tried different length prefixes, as well … Continue reading

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Wii Browser Viewport Size

Since making web sites that are compatible with any browser is a big thing nowadays, making sites work on the brand new Wii browser is important. Of course, without some information on what to design for, that’s pretty hard. So, … Continue reading

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Followup: PHP: rand() vs. mt_rand()

My past comparison of and only compared the speed, and I saw very little difference. This time I’ll compare how truly random the numbers each function produces are.

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XML parsing error Undefined entity  

I was working with AJAX earlier today, and I kept getting that “XML parsing error Undefined entity  ” errors, with no clue why. Firefox was apparently parsing the content it was loading as XML, but last time I checked   … Continue reading

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PHP: rand() vs. mt_rand()

The documentation for says that it produces numbers four times faster than the standard . So, being that I use random numbers in my code often, I decided to test this. Note: There is a followup to this article that … Continue reading

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